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    Every single tune is unreleased and exclusive to this compilation with support from Dave Clarke, Mary Anne Hobbs, Planet Mu, Resident Advisor, FACT, Spin Magazine, Wire Magazine, NME, XLR8R, LWE, Sonic Router, Headphone Commute & Pulse Radio.
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This 61 track compilation will be available to purchase from July 1st 2012. Every single tune is exclusive and unreleased, donated by artists to help fund the new Electronic Explorations website, hosting costs and the compilation's professional mastering.

Priced at only £5, it was originally planned to include 30 tunes - already a great value package. However, this has now spiralled to a gigantic 61 brand new tracks from some of the most exciting and elusive artists on the electronic underground scene, so if you can afford to pay a little extra then please do! You can find the donation link on the Electronic Explorations homepage, or you can pay whatever you like here on Bandcamp.

Electronic Explorations is a weekly podcast that strives to showcase the most cutting edge, contemporary and experimental sounds. With your donation you're helping to secure the future of the show, ensuring I can continue to bring you much more of this amazing music in the months and years to come.



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Electronic Explorations is a weekly Podcast show publishing exclusive mixes and cutting edge tracks from the cream of the electronic world; deviously crafted patchworks of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies – dubstep, UK Bass, techno and anything else that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: AnD - Stellar
Track Name: Anneka - Jaws Of Day
Track Name: Arkist & Komonazmuk - T-Model
Track Name: Bong Ra - Sinistar
Labels (Released on):
Ad Noiseam, Bruchstellen, Cock Rock Disco, Deathsucker, DJAX, Fathme, Hydrophonic, Mashit, Planet Mu, PRSPCT, Sublight Recordings, Ruff, Russian Roulette, Soothsayer, Supertracks, Very Friendly, Violent Turd, Vynalogica, Zhark International.

Labels (Owner) :
Clash Records
Kriss Records

Projects / Aliases :
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
Porcelain Minotaurs
Deathstorm (w/ Maruosa)
Killahman Machine
The Goat of Mendes
Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave (w/ Sickboy)
Wormskull (w/ Balazs Pandi and Deformer)
White Darkness
Giants of Husavik (w/ Maurits Westerik)

Past :
Bluuuurgh… : Vocals and Bass : 1986 – 1990
Celestial Season : Drums : 1991 – 1994 / Bass : 1994 – 1996

Artists played with (Selection):
Congo Natty, Knowledge & Wisdom, Shy FX, Skream, DJ Fresh, Limewax, Venetian Snares, Andy C, Goldie, Adam F, Tech Itch, Dylan, The Panacea, Aphrodite, Source Direct, Noisia, Otto von Schirach, Enduser, Shitmat, Mu-Ziq, Rotator, Tim Exile, Altern8, Squarepusher, Ceephax Acid Crew, Godflesh, Atari Teenage Riot, Mastodon, Sickboy, The Bug, King Cannibal, Broken Note, The DJ Producer, 65daysofstatic, Dalek, Hellfish, DJ Promo, Merzbow…

Festivals (Selection):
Glastonbury (UK), Lowlands (NL), Fusion (Germany), Bang Face Weekender (UK), Roadburn (NL), Thunderdome (NL), Mysteryland (NL), Boomtown Fair (UK), Icelandic Airwaves (Iceland), Dour (Belgium), Urban Explorers (NL), Glade (UK), Decibelio (Spain), Riddim Collision (France), Sonic Acts (NL), Resistance (Slovakia), Maschinenfest (Germany), Eurosonic/Noorderslag (NL), 5 Days Off (NL)

Tours :

2003 – UK Tour w/ DJ Scud + Soundmurderer
2005 – European Tour w/ Enduser + Shitmat
2008 – Japan Tour w/ Parasite
2011 – US Tour w/ Enduser
Track Name: Broken Note - Let Em Hang [EE ReGlitch]
Track Name: Chris Finke - The Sickness
You would be hard pushed to find another artist like Chris Finke. Whether it's smashing dancefloors worldwide with his unique mix of techno, bass and anything else he feels like, holding down a 9 year residency at the UK's biggest and best techno institution “Atomic Jam”, his diverse bass-shaking production and remix work, or his cutting edge broadcasting career, the boy has “been there - done that” and is just getting going. With his debut EP on Luke Slater's “Mote Evolver” imprint about to drop, plus the launch of his own high profile weekly radio show coming soon, business is about to boom!

Raised on a steady diet of rave, house and techno, his early days saw him compete in the UK DMC championships, and he soon combined his turntablism and love for techno when he started the “Flux” parties and record label. From there, he hooked up with Ben Sims to form “Split”, a series of game changing parties for the London techno scene, selling out Turnmills, SE1, The Key, plus European tour dates as they went. In addition, their 4 year long “Split Radio Show” was a true techno institution - syndicated worldwide on both FM and internet stations enjoying a massive, loyal following of listeners tuning in each month.
Track Name: Coppa Ft. Machinecode - Life Styles of a Billionaire
Track Name: Dead Sound & Videohead - Fuck TV
Track Name: DeFeKT - Sunseq
Track Name: Distal - Ralph Muggins Acid Depot
Track Name: Djrum - On the Road 2010

Hear Djrum on live Sub.FM on the Yardcore show every month. Listen to archived sets from me on the Yardcore website.

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Track Name: Drumcorps - The Path
Track Name: Emika - FM Attention
can you touch it tell me can you tell
with every blink I’m left wondering
then there's the onset of hours to days
with the tendency to fluctuate
can you touch it tell me can you tell
motor activity to make you move
when i touch it does it make you feel
a certainty that I’m your real

focus your attention on me
focus your attention on me
focus your attention on me
Track Name: Enduser - Void (Enduser + Apop Edit)
Track Name: Exercise One - The Reality Was Different
Track Name: Forward Strategy Group - TTH (Signal Path Mix)
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Facebook /!/pages/Forward-Strategy
Track Name: Geiom - Cairns
Track Name: George Lanham - Margeries Last Ride
Track Name: Ghettozoid - Boy Toy (House Of Black Lanterns remix)
Track Name: Hecq - Radio Interim 22 4
Track Name: Hizatron - Dejlig
Track Name: Ital Tek - Gold Tiger
Track Name: Kowton - False Dawn
Track Name: Loops Haunt - Peripheral
Track Name: Machinedrum - Luster
Track Name: Memotone - Stop running and they will catch you
Memotone is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, his sound is made up of layered instrumentation over the top of field recordings, conversation, atmospheres and electronica programming all tied up with live acoustic drums and binaural percussion, often using an MPC 1000 for live edits. Also showing a keen interest in sound-scape and textural experimentation.

Memotone mainly works in his bedroom studio, but also has a live performance to offer. His show is a captivating blend of live instrumentation including piano, keyboard, clarinet, trumpet, zither, guitar, bass, drums, glockenspiel, organ, melodica and toy instruments looped on a Boss RC-50 loop pedal with live audio effected from a Kaoss Pad 3 and samples triggered from an MPC 1000. When playing, William Yates is switching from instrument to instrument, from pads to keys and from pedal to pedal and sometimes all together. “There are many more restrictions in live music, especially when performing on your own but it does bring something different to the music altogether that may be lost in a studio environment. When I play live I try and make it so every sound you hear you can see me create or trigger (when samples are involved.) I never use a laptop on stage and want to keep it that way. I think it’s much more interesting for the crowd and as a performer.”
Track Name: Milanese - Hershey's Back
A native Londoner now based in sunny Birmingham, where he lives right next door to Warp Records' Chris Clark, Steve (Milanese) is an incredible young producer. He made his debut in 2004 with a 12" release called Vanilla Monkey on Warp's dance offshoot 12" imprint, Arcola Records, and then released his debut mini LP, also on Warp, 1 Up. He now signs to Planet Mu for his debut album "Extend".

A familiar phrase to old school video gamers, Milanese describes the sounds on Extend as "jungle / garage / ragga / house / techno. Mashed up robot music, basically like a computer game gone horribly wrong."

This is actually a much too modest attempt at pinning down the fierce, raw aggression of his rumbling beats, the sinister emotional tone and sophisticated panache of his production. While Milanese is a proficient multi-instrumentalist, in particular as a pianist (with 13 years of study notched up) and trombonist, his true forte appears to be 'fusing elements of electro-acoustic music with mad beats and bass'. Emphasis on the bass, okay?

From the digital dancehall holocaust of "Mr Bad News", ragga / garage audio terror and destruction on "Dead Man Walking" and the junglist clash and clatter breakbeats of "Mr Ion", Extend includes the occasional alarming vocal eruption that is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of passing neighbourhood pets and any children within earshot. So turn it up!

A DJ fixture at squatter parties in the 90s, Milanese spent his time at university studying electronic music (this may have simply constituted a lot of raving) and also busies himself actually making unique instruments. A man of many talents, indeed.
Track Name: Monster X - Terraformer
Track Name: Old Apparatus - Angels
Old Apparatus have started the Sullen Tone label, which will drop the Derren EP on July 16th.

The London collective first emerged as an anonymous outfit in 2011 on Mala's Deep Medi imprint with two lengthy untitled tracks that hinted at industrial and post-rock, and later with another single that treaded poppier waters complete with vocals. Since then, releases have been spare, with a few scattered odds and ends and a tape on the Tapeworm label, along with a remix on Honest Jon's Shangaan Shake compilation and an appearance on Rob Booth's upcoming Electronic Explorations collection in July.

Derren contains four tracks made collaboratively by the group, and it precedes three forthcoming solo EPs by each member of the collective before the end of the year. Each label missive will see release on both vinyl and digital formats.

Track Name: Perc - Steve Bull
Perc - Resident Advisor June 2012 Charts -
Track Name: Phaeleh - Orchid
Track Name: Point B - Second Guesses"
Track Name: Scanone - hip748
Track Name: Subjex - Patterns of Chaos

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